At Step by Step we serve the children of Perry County. 

step site directorWe are a Developmental Day Treatment Clinic Service {DDTCS} facility that works with children ranging from six weeks to five years in age.  We offer a wide variety of services and strive to provide our clients and their families with tools tailored to meet their individual needs.  These needs are determined through an assessment made by the child’s primary care physician and a team of professionals.

Once the client’s needs are defined, a custom plan outlining the distinct services needed is provided.  Since each child is different, their plans are too.  Some plans will encompass all services offered by Step by Step while others will include only a select few.  Services like Occupational, Physical & Speech Therapies, Nursing, Early Intervention, Transportation & Nutrition can become quite costly; however, the beauty of Step by Step is that if your child qualifies for our programming, it is provided at NO cost to the parent!

As a part of the CCCEC, we aim to help carry out the mission of the Center by enabling all persons served to achieve their individual potential through the implementation of the above stated services and age appropriate activities.

{Please note that information found on our sister division, Beginnings’ page is also accurate for Step by Step.  The difference in the two facilities is geographical.}