Here at Beginnings we focus on the early childhood demographic in Conway County.  Children six weeks to five years of age are eligible for our services. 

site directorBeginnings is classified as a Developmental Day Treatment Clinic Service {DDTCS} preschool facility.  We utilize integrated classroom settings to facilitate a learning environment where children that are typically developing and those with developmental needs share in the activities of the day; learning from each other, sharing in social interaction and individual learning opportunities, as well as, group activities provides for an all-inclusive experience.

There are a multitude of services that we provide at Beginnings, such as:  Speech Pathology/Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Nursing, Early Intervention, Transportation and Nutrition.  Due to the fact that NO two children do things at the same rate, each child will have a specific plan designed just for them.  This plan begins with an assessment.  In conjunction with the child’s primary care physician, a team of professionals will evaluate the child to determine their unique needs and develop an appropriate plan to meet these needs in the classroom, as well as, at home.  Once the plan has been formulated and put in action, the child will periodically be re-evaluated.

Something that you may not know about Beginnings is, if a child qualifies for services with us, they are provided at NO cost to the parent.  As a division of the Conway County Center for Exceptional Children, we help carry out the mission of the Center by enabling all persons served to achieve their individual potential through the implementation of developmental and age appropriate activities.

{Please note that information found on our sister division, Step-by-Step’s page is also accurate for Beginnings.  The difference in the two facilities is geographical.}