At ACTION Services, we are dedicated to assisting the individuals we serve as they achieve their dreams for the future. 

We accomplish this by empowering each individual with the necessary knowledge and skills required to become successful citizens.  Utilizing proactive skills training approaches in the realms of self-care, daily living, communication, interpersonal relationships, community inclusion, recreation/leisure, preparatory skills for the work environment, and work activity programs such as the Shredding & Recycling, individuals gain a healthy, positive self-concept.

A dedicated and exceptionally motivated family of service professionals works hand-in-hand to create a nurturing and energetic program environment that challenges each individual to meet and exceed their goals for independence and self-sufficiency.

As a division of the Conway County Center for Exceptional Children, ACTION Services plays a vital role in carrying out the mission of the Center.

ACTION is comprised of two distinct parts, the Life Skills area and the Workshop area.  Each focuses on a specific purpose, however, the two areas work together to provide a comprehensive experience!